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Special courses refer to the courses aimed to offer more diverse educational courses designed to reinforce foreign language education to develop students' global communication competency at a time of globalization; support their development of virtuous character and social skills; and to support liberal arts education and build a communal culture. Students can apply for special courses regardless of the number of credits applied for the regular semester, and the credits from special courses are accepted as the required credits for graduation.
Voluntary Service Credit (required for all students admitted since 2015)  
1. Students can earn credits from the "Social Service" course by providing voluntary service activities at organizations approved by the university.
2. When you earn this credit, it will be graded as "general elective course, P(pass)." (Remember this credit is not accepted as grade when applying for scholarship)
3. Eligibility: Students throughout the school year (except for graduate candidates, required course for all students admitted after 2015)
4. Supervising Dept.: Volunteer Corps (tel.: 031-750-5781)