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The university awards bachelor's degrees to those students who have completed their courses, satisfy the attendance, class and credit requirements within the specified time limit, and have passed their graduate certification (English competency graduation certification) and graduation thesis (in the respective major subject) evaluation.
Graduation Candidates  
1. Students who have completed registration for eight semesters and over
2. Students who have earned 120 credits (120 credits in some majors) and more (Except for the College of Oriental Medicine where you need to earn 78 credits from the premedical course and 180 credits from the regular course. In the case of architecture major students, 160 credits and over)

*In the case of classes completed during the freshmen year after being admitted for the free major program, the completion of subject requirements applies differently depending on which major they choose later on.
English Competency Graduation Certification: Students who pass a specified qualification standard for the English competency graduation certification.
Early Graduation  
1. Undergraduate students who meet the graduation requirements after just six or seven semesters are allowed to apply for early graduation and will be awarded their bachelor's degrees by the university.

2. Eligibility
   - Students whose GPA is 4.0 or above as of the second semester of the sophomore year
   - Students who have not been disciplined by the University Regulation Board.

3. Additional Credits
   - Students whose GPA from the previous semester is 4.3 or more and meet the requirements for early graduation can apply for up to three additional credits.

4. Disqualification
   - Students whose GPA from any of the completed semesters is less than 4.0
   - students who have been disciplined according to school regulations
   - Students who turn down the opportunity for early graduation