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You are expulsed from school if you withdraw from your studies and quit the school while enrolled as a student.
Types and Reasons for Expulsion  
1. Voluntary Withdrawal: If you cannot continue studies due to illness or other reasons, you can submit a required application and be expulsed from the school.
2. Failure to Register: You will be expulsed if you fail to register during a specified period.
3. Failure to Return: You will be expulsed if you fail to return to school within a specified period after the absence with leave is expired.
4. Academic Warning: You will be expulsed after a specified procedure if you receive academic warning three times in a row, or four academic warnings in total. (However, students at the College of Oriental Medicine will be expelled if they are absent for three semesters in a row or four semesters in total).
5. Time Limit for Degree Competition: You will be expelled if you fail to graduate within the time limit for degree completion.
6. Disciplinary Expulsion: You are expelled for having damaged the honor of the school, violating the code of conduct, or bad behavior as defined by the Disciplinary Act Committee.
Term of Study  
The term of study at each college is four years (8 semesters). However, the term is six years for architecture majors, and six years for medical and oriental medicine majors (two years premedical, four years regular course)
Time Limit for Degree Competition  
The time limit to complete a degree course at each college cannot exceed six years (12 semesters). However, it cannot exceed 15 semesters for an architecture degree, and nine years for medical and oriental medicine degrees. In the case of college transfer students, the time limit cannot exceed one and a half times the remaining school years. In the case of the students who are readmitted by a special readmission term, the time limit will be restricted based on the credits required for graduation as of the time of readmission.