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Students can apply for a transfer when they wish to move from one department to another. (students on a leave of absence are not eligible)



Application Schedule
Refer to the academic calendar available on the school website (May, November)
Condition/ Eligibility
1. Students enrolled between the second semester of freshmen year and the first semester of junior year
2. Application is limited to only one department (Multiple application is not allowed)
Approval Conditions
Transfer is allowed only if the student passes the review of academic performance and their GPA is 2.5 or above (including the semester of the transfer request). (But the grade requirement does not apply to international students who wish to transfer.)
Request for transfer is limited to once during enrollment within 50 percent of enrollment limit of respective course program.
Submit the transfer request - review of the transfer request --- announcement of approval
Required Documents
One copy each of the transfer application and academic transcript
Submit the application to the Academic Affairs office of the college where the student is currently enrolled
Subject of Completion and Credits
1. If transfer is approved, the credits you have acquired from the current major will be changed according to the curriculum of the new major for the transfer semester.
2. If your request for transfer is approved, you have to take and complete classes that are required by the new major.
3. If you transfer to a major that is not the same as the one you were admitted to upon admission to the college, the curriculum for the new major for the transferred semester will be applied for the total credits for graduation. However, if you transfer from Medical Campus to Global Campus, you have to complete the curriculum that applies to the transferred school year. But the required liberal arts classes that are included in the school semester you've completed while enrolled in Medical Campus are exempt from the subject of completion requirement, and the total credits you have completed during the transferred semester at the new major will be applied for the total credits required for graduation.
1. You are not eligible for transfer if you were admitted to the college for music, arts, or physical education major
2. You are not eligible for transfer if you have transferred from another school
3. If you are taking day classes you cannot transfer to night classes, or vice versa
4. Early childhood, nursing, dental hygiene, emergency medical treatment, radiology, physical therapy, pharmacy, oriental medicine, arts, music, and physical education majors are not eligible for transfer.
1. Once you are transferred to a different major, you have to pay tuition and fees that apply to the new department (major)
2. If you are an academic excellence scholarship student, the scholarship will not be paid for the transferred semester.
3. Once you are transferred to a new major, the old major will not be available for double or minor major.
All inquiries regarding transfer review should be directed to the respective department.
If you had to withdraw or were expelled from school, you can be readmitted for the semester of the respective school year after completing a required process and registering again.
Time to Apply  
You can apply within a specified reapplication period.
Approval Conditions  
If you cannot earn the credits required for graduation within the time limit for degree completion, readmission is not allowed.
There are two types of college transfer: regular college transfer and college transfer with a bachelor's degree.
Special college transfer is an option available for Korean nationals residing abroad, foreigners, military personnel, and agricultural or fishery village residents.
Regular College Transfer  
This transfer applies to students who wish to transfer for the junior year of college. Transfer students must have completed all the courses required up to the school year before the transfer.

Students who have completed more than two years of studies at a four-year college and earned a specified number of credits.
Students who have or expected to graduate from a two-year college.
Students who have graduated or completed more than two years of studies at an open university, vocational university, or various other educational institutes and earned a specified number of credits.
Transfer for Bachelor's Degree Holders  
If you have obtained a bachelor's degree but wish to study for another degree, you are eligible for a transfer for the junior year of college.
College transfer students are not eligible for early education, change major, or apply for teaching courses.