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Absence with leave is a system established for students who have to miss class due to unavoidable reasons.
Approval of Absence with Leave  
In order to get approval for an absence with leave, you have to submit a written document outlining the cause of absence (refer to table #1) within seven days of the occurrence of the cause. The request will be approved after it is sent to the adviser and the department head and confirmed by the Dean of Academic Affairs.
If you are unable to take either the midterm or final exam due to absence with leave, you may submit a grade recognition application and get graded based only on the exam you have taken. If you were unable to take both the midterm and final exam, or failed to take the only exam that took place for the respective semester, you will be graded only if you take a makeup exam.

Accepted Causes for Absence with Leave, Permitted Duration, and Required Documents

Causes for Absence with Leave

Permitted Duration

Required Documents

1. Death of Immediate family member
* Approved relations: paternal and maternal grandparents, parents, spouse, children, sibling
Within 7 days Death certificate, Copy of Family Register
2. Student's own wedding Within 5 days Document to prove marriage (copy of family register with marriage registration)
3. Short-term Call for Reserve Training or Physical checkup for conscription Short-term Call for Reserve Training or Physical Examination for Conscription Days required Notice of training or physical checkup for conscription
4. Only uncontrollable causes (natural disaster, flood, or fire) are accepted (Absence due to traffic accident is not accepted) Days required to recover from the uncontrollable causes  
5. Participation in official duty or sports events representing the school
   - 1. Sports festival commemorating the school anniversary
   - 2. Events hosted by the General Students Association
   - 3. General Student Association meeting (limited to officers)
   - 4. Theater Presentation
   - 5. Broadcasting Recording
   - 6. Writing and editing articles for the school newspaper
   - 7. Commencement preparation (limited to the commencement preparation committee members)
   - 8. Other extracurricular activities approved by the President
   - 1. Within ten days before or after the event
   - 2,3. On the day of event
   - 4. Within ten days before or after the event
   - 5. On the day of event
   - 6. On the day of event
   - 7. Within ten days before or after the event
   - 8. On the day of event
Necessary document of proof (such as written confirmation)