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The Human Ecology Research Institute was established in August 1994 with the primary aim of executing its practical mission based on academic theories. It began with three research divisions including clothing, children, food and nutrition and expanded into social sports, health management and Taekwondo research divisions last year. Now the institute employs 21 permanent researchers and three full time researchers who are actively working on research projects. Despite its short, 3 year history, this institute has undertaken several research activities and has even published research papers on human ecology once a year. As well as this, the institute has also successfully hosted seminars, international symposiums and national symposiums and has participated in academic exchanges and the development of local culture.
Major activities and development plans  
Academic research into various areas of human ecology
Performing external research in each research division
Research presentation and lectures
Hosting workshops
Collection of research materials from in and outside the country
Industry-university cooperation and joint research both on and off campus
Community service and education projects
Publishing research paper collection and academic books