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This institute aims to promote health among people living in the local community, the country as a whole and even the world through the development and promotion of traditional medicine as an international medical option.
Major Activities  
Individual research into the collection and distribution of data from all over the country and the exchange of academic information and personal research into specific areas.
Major Functions  
This institute carries out research into both general and specialized aspects of oriental medicine and provides a stage for effective research.
It also strives to maintain the unique reputation of the Gachon University College of Oriental Medicine through its research and developments in the field.
It contributes to the promotion of health through establishing new concepts in the treatment of specific areas.
It sorts and collects oriental medicine related data from inside the country and abroad and operates as a window for the exchange of academic information and personnel.
It aims to improve the image of Gachon University by hosting oriental medicine related events and publishes the results.
Major research areas and research plans  
The institute has selected neuroscience as its primary area of research, and in the mid to long term, it plans to expand this research into age related illnesses such as dementia and nerve related illnesses. In the short term, the institute plans to carry out joint research into alcoholism.