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The objective of this institute is to contribute to human culture through effective use and development of natural sciences through the implementation of applied research into this field. In order to achieve this objective, the institute supports faculty research activities, organizes research teams and performs research on selected subjects and prepares educational programs that increase student¡¯s interest in the subject. By doing these things, the institute ultimately contributes to the development of human culture.
Major Functions  
Research into basic science areas and their application
Research into specific external projects
Publishing academic research paper collection
Hosting research presentations and lectures
Registering with related organizations in the field of natural sciences
Other projects necessary for the development of this institute
Major project areas and research plans  
Major research area
Research into applied sciences through industry-university cooperation and individual research projects.
Mid to long term research plan
To research into applied sciences through industry-university cooperation and to promote the revitalization of basic scientific research through expansion and exchanges with other academic areas.