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The Research Institute of Software, based in the Gachon University College of Software, the first of its kind in Korea, aims to develop competitive international software technology for the 21st century, and promote practical problem solving in cooperation with related businesses and IT education centers. In addition to this, the institute plans to contribute to local community research and education, thus complying with the university¡¯s educational principles of Truth, Creation and Aspiration. The institute pledges to make this contribution in the form of cooperative software research and development and by actively participating in academic and information exchange both in Korea and internationally.
Major Activities  
Nurturing high quality research personnel
Academic research into software technology
Promote joint research with the industry and research institutes (national and private)
State-of-the-art software development research through large project research
Perform academic and technological exchanges with related research institutes in the country
Participate in international joint research and development projects
Fast collection of state-of-the-art software technology information and establishing distribution system
Publishing software technology trend and research related data and paper collection
Future development plan  
This institute endeavors to improve the environment for research by increasing its source of funding, improving the institute's administrative system and research related information as well as revitalizing data collection and exchange in Korea and the world. The institute aims to become the next birthplace of technology and a source of information for the information oriented era through establishing state-of-the-art technology centers within the institute such as the technology information center and the high speed information communication center.
The institute also plans to provide foundations to strengthen the competitiveness of the Sungnam and Gyeonggi Do software industries through the training of professional software personnel and supporting software research technology.