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Gachon University, which promotes the teaching of professional knowledge in order to carry out its research, education and service objectives under the educational principles of Truth, Creation and Aspiration, aims to provide social services that contribute to the improvement of the local community, country and the world through positive participation in academic fields, local communities, industries and government.
Academic research into each field of industrial technology
Assist with exterior research, surveys and designs
Host research presentations, academic lectures and short courses
Publish research paper collection, periodicals and academic books
Collection and exchange of research materials in and out of the country
Further projects that satisfy the objective of this institute
Major Activities  
Hosting various seminars
Promote the continued development of information communication technology.
The 27th Academic Presentation on Bean Production and Use
Plans to improve small and medium-sized businesses’ competitiveness, thus improving productivity
Projecting new technologies in architectural facilities
Research into polymerized reaction engineering