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This institute was established on June 1, 1988, hosted the first Unification Issue Academic Seminar during November of that year, and hosted the 10th Unification Issue Academic Seminar in 1997. In July of 1992, it established the academic journal “Social Science Research,” and published the 4th volume of the ‘Social Science Research” on December 1997. The Social Science Research Institute aims to develop social science theories that contribute to our understanding of unification issues through securing and allocating social science data, various survey activities, publications and improving academic seminars.
Major Activities  
Academic research
Research into Laws, Public Administration, Regional Development, Journalism and Broadcasting and related areas
Service projects
Projects on policy development, laws, research and survey of laws, administrative surveys, urban and local planning, local economy, journalism and broadcasting, unification and national defense
Mid to long term research plans
The institute aims to perform academic research into the development of Sungnam, and to promote various research activities into preparing for the unification of South and North Korea. It also plans to revitalize the publication of unique research achievements and to promote research by hosting seminars and symposiums in various social science areas.