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The Economics and Management Research Institute, since its establishment in September 1991 within the College of Business and Economics, has been mainly working on academic activities in the fields of business and economics and contributing to the development of academy and society through the study of problems facing major businesses and economies and cooperation with related disciplines. There are currently five departments in the College of Business and Economics and the Economics and Management Research Institute is related to this college. As a result, institute research is highly relevant to these departments.
Major Activities  
The major functions of this institute are as follows;
Firstly, to revitalize research through securing excellent research personnel and concentrating research resources.
Secondly, by providing direction to make academic and research activities systematical and future oriented and relating them to the Institute¡¯s mid to long term objectives.
Thirdly, to Seek quality, customer orientated education that unites academia and research activities and promotes activities that educate consumers, students, businesses and society as a whole.
Development Plan  
Academic research into business and economics fields
Hosting academic lectures and research presentations
Research service projects in related areas
Various consulting services including data collection and analysis, business diagnosis and guidance
Publication of research paper collection
Collecting and exchanging research materials
Other projects that satisfy the founding objective of this institute