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Universities, the highest educational institutes, were originally founded with the objective of studying and teaching humanities. The Humanities Research Institute, which was established in 1988 as a university attached research institute, continued to promote the development of humanities through the organization of specific academic areas and the promotion of interdisciplinary research. Since then, the institute has taken part in exchanges with related academic societies from all over the country.
Major Activities  
Data collection in the humanities field
Earning and distributing research funds
Hosting research presentations, lectures and short courses
Publishing the Institute of Humanities Paper Collection
Translating and publishing major humanities papers
General research in the field of children¡¯s literature
Other necessary activities
Development Plan  
Thanks to the cumulated research foundation the institute is now able to increase its resources. The first plan is to recruit more researchers. The institute also hopes to increase its joint research activities and promote its connection with the graduate school by recruiting graduate school PhD students as permanent and junior researchers. This academic continuity could make long-term research projects possible. What is more, the institute also plans to improve academic exchange between researchers through academic discussion meetings and revitalize this research through the implementation of interdisciplinary research. In the meantime, local community liaison programs are being prepared in order to improve the cultural and academic level of local society and promote university culture. It is necessary for the university and the local community to function as a joint community and this should not be limited to one-sided support. The Institute of Humanities will work to improve the status of the institute and promote organic development within the local community.