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The Gachon University Power IT Research Center is a group that researches Grid 2.0 technology, which considers energy, capital and information as one concept and aims to compress and release it into time and space.
The Grid 2.0 is our proposal for a new energy system. The 2.0 promotes effectiveness and flexibility resulting from a parallel autonomous system, creativity of the network base, and flexibility of non-synchronized time and space. The 2.0 has already been realized in various areas including information communication, broadcasting and business and is enjoying new growth and considerable success in these areas.
We aim to draw the Grid 2.0 in bold terms that go beyond the existing imagination such as packet based energy transaction systems, non-synchronized operation methods, diverse intelligence architecture through weak combinations, multi-modal platform providing free style in quality and consumption, and energy service business systems.
The Grid 2.0 is therefore our vision for a future energy system.
What is more, the Power IT Research Center aims to promote the necessary research, development and industrialization for realizing that vision.
Research Development  
Integrated technology for energy, information and capital
Business strategies for power industry
Consumer Portals
Direct current service
Brief History  
August 2005 The Power IT Research Center was established
October 2005 Selected as the Power IT Research Development Project by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
December 2005 Planned the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy’ Power IT Personnel
Nurturing Center’s Project Promotion Strategy
2006 Korea Electrics Society Academic Conference Grid 2.0 Proposal
2006 Selected for the Ministry of Industry and Resources’ Power Industry
Basic Personnel Nurturing Project