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This center aims to nurture industry personnel through the cultivation of an industry-university cooperation network necessary for the development of the ubiquitous healthcare industry and by supporting effective business management and national and international marketing.
Project Overview
Title of the project Ubiquitous healthcare industry cluster building
Duration of the project July 1, 2005 ~ June 30, 2008
Project budget 6,398,000,000 Won
Supporting Organizations Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Gyeonggi Do, City of Sungnam
Supervising Organization Gachon University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation
Participating Organizations Gil Medical Foundation, Industry-University Cooperation Foundation of Seoul Health College, Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business General Support Center
Participating business enterprises KT Convergence Headquarters, Inc., Nex1 Future, Inc., Raytec, Inc., V & I, Inc.
Project Contents
Building the industry-university cooperation network for cultivating the ubiquitous healthcare industry
Fusion of related technologies needed for nurturing personnel, industrialization and product development
Marketing support for ubiquitous healthcare products and business operation
Business Areas and Goals

Business Areas

Business Goals

Networking * Building face-to-face knowledge exchange network
* Business support online network building
Technology Development * U-Healthcare wireless communication system development
* Developing bio signal data transmitting system based on home gateway
* Heart related symptoms diagnosis algorithm development
* Integrated bio signal sensor development
* Remote monitoring system development
* Emergency service development
* Clinical decision supporting system building
* U-Healthcare Center building
Nurturing Personnel * Nurturing professional U-Healthcare consultants and emergency treatments and
  transportation personnel
* Building U-Healthcare training support system
Business Support Service * Building U-Healthcare contents providing system and information service support
* Product development support
* Consulting and technical support
* Marketing support
Marketing * Improving awareness of industry promotion and needs
* Support promotion and marketing
* Improving awareness of the U-Healthcare contents
Project Effects and Application Methods