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Project Title : Industrial Technology Base Creation Project for Building Urban
  Environmental Design System
Supporting Organizations : Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, City of Sungnam
Supervising Organization : Gachon University Industry-University Cooperation
Objective of Establishment and Goals  
Urban environmental design, especially in urban public spaces is vital in showing off a country¡¯s cultural level. As these spaces also form part of the living spaces of citizens, they are a primary concern for the local governments of first world countries. This center was founded with the objective of revitalizing public design policies and projects by promoting awareness of the field and motivating citizens and governments. In order to achieve this objective, the center operates various public design promotion programs with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, the Korea Institute of Design Promotion and the City of Sungnam, which aims to reflect citizen values through public design efforts.

Promoting awareness among citizens and related organizations who are particularly concerned with urban spaces
Providing a development hub environment for the public design industry
Revitalization of public design culture through the establishment of a public design system
Improving urban scenery and promoting urban competitiveness through local environment improvement projects
Strengthening specialties in the public design area and securing related industrial support
Major Works  
Public design development project: Construction field fence design, side work facilities, scenic light design
Support local government and citizens¡¯ organizations¡¯ public design works
Citizen support project for expanding public awareness design
Guiding public design related businesses
Operating an open information data center and supporting professional design equipment
Professional Design Equipment for Rent  
Laser carver
Large plotter
Roll laminator
Cutting sheet cutter
Digital printer
Notebook computer
Beam projector
Public Design Orientation of the Public Design Innovation Center