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The 21st century is a knowledge-based, highly competitive society which places a strong emphasis on the development of highly creative professional talent. The nurturing of gifted individuals is therefore emphasized at a social and national levels, resulting in the introduction of the Gifted Education Law. The Talent Education Research Institute of Gachon University recognizes the importance of educating this talent and aims to excel in this field.
Major Functions  
General research and support in all areas of talent education
To Promote exchange with related research institutes both at home and abroad
To participate in specific external research projects
To hold research presentations and lectures
To hold workshops
To collect and store national and foreign research materials
Other necessary projects for the development of this institute
Major Research Areas and Research Plans  
- Scouting for talent in each field and course
- To train teachers to guide talent
- Special talent education lectures for parents
- Development of talent education programs and teaching materials
- Development of talent discernment and evaluation questionnaires
- Teaching methods research
- Characteristics of talent research
- Computerization of data and web site operation
- To promote scientific interest within local society
Brief History  
September, 2003 Gachon University Talent Education Research Institute Founded
October 17, 2003 ‘Method of Harmonious Development of National and Local Talent Education Policies’ workshop opened
November 10, 2003 Fun Physics Seminar
November 29, 2003 Public hearing on 'General Development Plan for Gyeonggi Do Talent Education’
February 9, 2004 Policy report presentation on 'General Development Plan for Gyeonggi Do Talent Education’