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Objective of the Institute  
This institute brings together the research facilities and research technology development capabilities of the former IT Research Center and applies them to a new educational research system that aims to nurture the next generation of parts and materials related personnel and to undertake development projects in conjunction with the BK 21 project.
The field of parts and materials focuses on materials technology related to the 10 new driving powers project, which includes the three main force projects such as communication, semiconductor and nano technology.
This institute also plans to contribute to Gachon University’s development goal to, 'Build a Specialized Educational Research System' through the organization of multidisciplinary cooperation between the electronic engineering, electrical information engineering and chemical bioengineering fields to develop areas such as ‘nano materials, display, information elements and IT communication’ through the implementation of projects such as the [Building an educational research base for nano materials fusion technology] project and the [BK21] project.
Institute Organization  
The institute is made up of expert Gachon University faculty members in the field of parts and materials technology and a team of graduate students that includes the Director, one researcher and one administrative assistant.
This institute is also made up of the research development division for new technology parts and materials development; the education and training division, which focuses on the provision of workshops and seminars and the continued education of industry personnel; the industry-university cooperation division, which focuses on technology transfer to the industry and the joint use of facilities and equipment and the administrative support division for the management of research facilities and equipment.
Detailed History of the Institute  
March 2004 The IT Parts and Materials Research Institute was established
May 2005 The nano material fusion technology and research base building project began
July Held the 1st Nano Inkjet Printing Technology Symposium
August Held the 1st Nano Intensive Promotion Project Academic Workshop
March 2006 Implemented the 2nd phase BK 21 project
    Produced new manufacturing process personnel for information elements
May Held the 2006 Industry Experts Invitational Seminar at the Department of Electronics and Electrical Information Engineering
July Held the Nano Technology Intensive Promotion Project Workshop
July Implemented the High Added Value Industry Special Rearing of Personnel Project
Nurtured display personnel