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The Sungnam Development Research Institute, established in 1999 as part of a government-university cooperation drive by the City of Sungnam and Gachon University, was established in order to assist the development of local autonomy and administration, urban culture, urban planning, local economy and environmental preservation through research into various regional development policies that adhere to Environmentally Sound and Sustainable Development requirements, contribute to an improvement in the quality of life for the citizens of Sungnam.
Research Areas  
Regional development strategies, Internationalization and localization strategies, Building the Global Network for local governments, Research into improving ‘Quality of Life,’ Research into forming ‘Social Capital,’ Developing the ‘Harmony among Citizens’ project.
Industry and Economy Areas
Development plans for the manufacturing industry and state-of-the-art industry, Development plans for the tourism industry, Small and medium-sized businesses related projects, industry related projects, local industry reformation, Design industry promotion strategies
Facilities Areas
Urban planning/Mid-Long term development plans, Plans for energy and local information, Plans for residential environment, Traffic plans, Reforming plans, Land use plans
Environment Areas
Natural environment preservation plans, Air quality management plans, Water environment and waste management plans, Local environment management policies, Enforcement plans for ‘Agenda 21’
Administrative and Financial Areas
Local government management strategies, Local financial plans, Local government reforming program, Plans for the revitalization of local autonomy
Local Information Area
Local data collection, Production and distribution of local information, e-Government operation plans, Building and supporting e-Government, Plans for long term development