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This research center was established on June 18, 1997 with support from Gyeonggi Do and Gachon University and aims to increase the technical capabilities and competitiveness of the industry in the Gyeonggi Do by solving various industry-related problems and undertaking joint research ventures into new materials and applied technologies.
The center¡¯s main objective is to undertake research into new materials and applied technologies and apply them to state-of-the-art production technology in order for Gyeonggi Do to maintain its international competitiveness. Not only does the application of new material technology have positive effects on the local economy and the technical capabilities of related industries, but it will also enable the Gyeonggi Do to become a source of industrial innovation in the 21st century. The principle reason behind the development of this research center is to improve the standard of living in the local economy providing innovative skills for small and medium-sized businesses¡¯ for the future, while strengthening the industrial infrastructure of Korea through basic research into new materials and the development of applied technologies.
Roles of the Center  
To research and develop new materials and applied technologies
To increase the industry¡¯s competitiveness through the development of differentiated production
  technologies for small and medium businesses
To patent major technologies and transfer them to the related industry
The commercialization of transferred technologies
To nurture technology talent and supply it to the industry
To develop a cooperative relationship between industry and university
To contribute to the local industry through industry-university cooperation
To promote the growth of the Gyeonggi Do as the center of the national industry
To improve national competitiveness through the development of state-of-the-art technology