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The school's student residence building provides students with a pleasant space where they can apply themselves to their studies, while helping them develop a virtuous character through the communal living environment where they can enjoy college life with a sense of freedom and discipline.
Each floor inside the building has a lounge, a simple kitchen, and an unattended laundry room for convenience.
The school started construction of the second building that is linked to the first building on February 11, 2015 to offer a more convenient environment for the students. A seven-story building covering 16,015m2, the second dormitory is scheduled to be completed in October 2016 with five stories above ground and two stories underground.
The second dormitory can accommodate 745 students, who will have the option for rooms shared by two or four. The building will have convenience facilities such as a diner, fitness room, seminar hall, reading room, and cafe. Each room for four comes with furniture for studying and sleeping, and the space design ensures respect for privacy by providing individual bathrooms and closets. Students can also enjoy a traditional-style, eco-friendly living environment with the ceiling-based cooling and floor-based ondol heating systems.
Major Work  
   - Administrative work related to the student residence building
   - Management of checking in and out of students (including international students)
   - Guidance and management of residence students
   - Counseling for residence students
   - Work related to statistics and reports