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The School of Lifelong Education welcomes anybody who wants to continue studying even while working a full-time job. For those who have full-time jobs, the school offers an opportunity to upgrade their professional competency, and for those who are not in the job market, the school can give them new opportunities that improve their quality of life. The school is also a great choice for those who want to earn a degree from higher education.
Major Work  
1. Degree course: Program to earn a professional degree or bachelor's degree through the academic credit bank system
2. Cultural course: Various arts, culture, and sports programs
3. Foreign Language Course: Major foreign language education programs
4. Customized education program to meet the demands of industries
5. Health-related programs are offered jointly with Gil Hospital and Gachon University
6. All participating students can enjoy the benefit of using Gil Hospital
7. Training for those who wish to obtain professional licenses