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Gachon University affiliated Neuroscience Research Institute is where scientists are researching the changes in the functions and shape of the brain in living humans, brain disorders, and the brain's working mechanism, which is the last field to explore in the science and medical field of the 21st century. This world first is made possible by the research into and development of the high resolution HRRT-PET and ultra-high field 7.0T MRI. This fusion of imaging technology allows scientists to understand the molecular science of cells and the functions and changes in human genes. The technology also gives access to the microstructure and function of brains, thereby expected to open a new chapter in cognitive science, which studies the thinking process of humans, not to mention early discovery of numerous diseases that could not be diagnosed before.
Major Work  
1. Ultra-high resolution PET-MRI fusion imaging research
2. Research on strokes and micro vessels
3. Research on Parkinson's disease and the mechanism of deep brain stimulation
4. Research on Alzheimer's disease and 3D ultra-high resolution imaging of the hippocampus
5. Research on cognitive neuroscience
6. Biological research on animal molecules
7. Development of MRI hardware and software
8. Research on PET radiochemistry