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Gachon Univ. Affiliated East Incheon Gil Hospital is a patient-centered hospital that is close by for patients to give comfort and heartfelt medical services. The hospital building has one story underground and ten stories above ground, and 70 beds for patients. The hospital has multiple specialized divisions including: internal medicine, nephrology, rehabilitation medicine, neurology, family medicine, imaging medicine, and occupational medicine.

Patient-centered Hospital
The hospital offers communal care rooms where patients don't have the need for guardians to care for them, as well as diverse programs including a social project office for patients and rooms for independent long-term care patients.

Linked diagnosis and treatment with medical staff from Gil Foundation
Patients receive diagnosis and treatment from outstanding medical staff from Gachon medical school and Gil Medical Foundation.

Always Within Reach
The hospital is conveniently located and easy to find within five minutes walking distance from the East Incheon Station.

Hospital that brings you comfort and heartfelt medical services
The hospital has been recently renovated inside and out to ensure patient-oriented cozy spaces. The hospital remains true to its reputation as the East Incheon Gil Hospital with outstanding medical staff and the latest medical equipment.