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The Central Library is there to support sharing, utilizing, and searching for knowledge and information in the medical field as well as diverse humanities and liberal arts subjects, with a commitment to fulfilling the mission of a campus that is specialized in producing professional medical service providers and practitioners in the medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and health engineering fields. The library plays an instrumental role in achieving the vision of the school, which is to produce creative global-minded leaders who believe in sharing and professionals who are on a constant quest for personal growth, all based on the founding philosophy of Gachon University---Compassion, Devotion, and Patriotism.
The library offers the convenience of searching and reading study materials and information to support students' research and academic activities in the medical field, in addition to academic research activities and lectures by faculty members. The library always strives to grow and transform so that it can ensure the highest satisfaction of library users by collecting, organizing and preserving necessary academic resources, while dynamically responding to the changing technologies and currents of the time. The library is always on a quest to bring users new, and better services.
Major Work  
1. Planning and administrative work
2. Allocation, execution, and settlement of budget
3. Purchase of materials, registration-related work, database work
4. Management of lost, replaced, and damaged books and materials, and inspection of holding books
5. Receipts and exchange documents
6. Checking in and out of rental books
7. Original text copying service and management of degree dissertations
8. Operation of programs and management of website
9. Reference room, free reading room, research room, Cinema Cafe
10. Preservation of books
11. Management of materials from Gachon Leadership Center Library and materials transferred from Gil Hospital Library
12. Management and reference services for library users
13. Cultural events