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The Korea-China Exchange Center was co-established by Gachon University and the Shandong University of China for close cooperation with China which is fast becoming the center of global change.
The Korea-China Exchange Center, aims to develop various programs, student and faculty exchanges, administrative support and employment support in order to nurture future China experts. In order to achieve this, researchers from both universities are dispatched to the center to perform the following tasks.
Major Activities  
- Matters related to study abroad, exchange and language training for students from Korea and China
- Matters related to exchange and cooperation of faculty members from Korea and China
- Matters related to employment assistance for graduates from Korea and China
- Matters related to joint research and research project execution at the universities or research institutes in Korea and China
- In order to carry out the above works, the center has established a Steering Committee and a Working Committee.
- The Steering Committee deliberates on important matters related to the operation of the Korea-China Exchange
  Center, and the Working Committee executes the Center¡¯s important works.
- The Director of the Korea-China Exchange Center is held concurrently by the Dean of the Office of External Affairs.
- To revitalize the center, a Deputy Director may be installed, an assistant professor or higher ranking faculty member
  should be appointed to this position.
- There are more than two and up to five researchers in the Center.