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The Gachon University Business Incubator Center was established on March 24, 2003 to revitalize the local economy and improve national competitiveness through the early discovery of competitive venture businesses and the provision of necessary office space, research facilities, university owned technologies and other support for these businesses.
The center aims to provide the best possible business environment and use its knowledge to incubate competitive businesses.
One of the principle aims of a university is to assist in the development of the national economy and local society by lending out various university infrastructures that could help potential businesses.
This center is especially interested in nurturing business enterprises in the IT field, and we believe that the center could be a vital force in leading both IT education and the region¡¯s IT industry along with the Joint Research Institute of Industry and school, the Advanced Materials & Applied Technology Research Center and the university¡¯s IT Parts and Materials Research Institute.
This center has a total of 20 incubating rooms, joint labs, conference rooms, reception rooms and administrative support rooms, enabling companies residing in our center to grow as businesses with the potential to become market leaders in the future.
We pledge to offer all of our support to enable you to grow as a competitive company.
Major Activities  
- Support new technology venture commercialization
- Incubation establishment for new technology project
- Business courses for personnel
- Cultivating business establishment clubs
- Providing business support university labs
- Business guidance for venture companies
- Business establishment support with related organizations
- Support business establishment in the form of research results from industry-university joint research
- Manage intellectual properties related to the center
- Other projects to achieve the objectives of this center