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This system enables our students to take part in academic exchanges with other universities that have reached an exchange agreement with Gachon University and to participate in their classes and academic schedules. The students that we recommend for participation in these exchanges have the necessary qualifications required by the exchange university, which makes the final decision to approve their admission.
Approved exchange students should register at both universities and may earn credits according to that university¡¯s regulations and the contents of the exchange agreement.
When the exchange period comes to an end, the credits earned will be recognized by Gachon University following the submission of a credit transfer recognition application form.
Exchange students are selected every year at the beginning of the sister university¡¯s semester. The number of students that can take part varies, and the duration of the exchange can range from six months to one year. All students can apply to the exchange program with the exception of freshmen and seniors (students with two final semesters remaining).
Special Exchange Student Advantages  
1. During the period of the exchange, up to 18 earned credits per semester may be recognized.
2. The provision of student privileges and facilities are also exchanged according to the agreement between the two universities.
3. Students are admitted to the exchange program by recommendation of Gachon University. They will therefore have no problems enrolling at and departing from the sister university.
4. Scholarships are available to certain students selected for the program.
5. Credits recognized during the exchange period are marked on the transcript along with the name of the sister university. This aims to facilitate future employment.
6. Academic management and student guidance will ensure that students receive a successful study-abroad experience.
¡Ø NB: Students must be registered at Gachon University for their final semester.
Exchange Student Selection and Dispatch Procedure  
Documentation relating to exchange students will be managed by the Domestic Affairs Team of Office of External Affairs.
1. The Team of International Affairs will provide information and advice in accordance with the University¡¯s Academic Exchange Agreement to exchange students.
2. Applicants should find out the the sister universityentry requirements of the sister university and submit their applications during the specified period.
3. The university selects exchange students through an evaluation process.
4. The Team of International Affairs will notify the sister university about the selected number of students and will obtain entry permits.
5. Students with entry permits will leave Korea and enter the corresponding country according to the Immigration Laws of both countries.
6. Exchange students will take classes for a specified period of time according to the regulations and academic schedule of the sister university.
7. When the exchange period is over, exchange students should return to Gachon University and submit their credit recognition application form after registering.
¡Ø Credit recognition procedure: Submit the original copy of the transcript received from the sister university, including the class syllabus and relevant translated documents, along with a Foreign Universities Recognition Application form and list of completed credits, approved by the head of department, to the Dean of the Office of External Affairs .
This program is limited to those foreign universities that have signed an agreement on credit recognition with Gachon University. Students wishing to participate in this program should submit their university admission documentation, a ¡®Self-supported Study Abroad Credit Recognition Application¡¯ form approved by their advisor and the head of department, and all other documentation to the Office of External Affairs in order to begin the screening and selection process.
In order to receive recognized credits from our university, students should pay their tuition and maintain an acceptable level of attendance while studying abroad.
Required Documents  
1. Self-supported Study Abroad Application form
2. Admission from the Exchange University
This program aims to improve students¡¯ foreign language skills through intensive foreign language and cultural studies courses at foreign universities during vacation periods. All qualified students attending our university are eligible for this program. The program lasts for five to seven weeks and the courses studied are recognized as regular liberal arts elective credits.
This program is advertised every May and October for a limited number of students with exchange universities that have signed our Overseas Academic Exchange Agreement.
Special Benefits of Overseas Classes  
1. This program is a highly effective, intensive foreign language program offered at a foreign university.
2. Depending on the grades achieved, three regular liberal arts elective credits will be recognized. This makes the program advantageous for students both economically and as far as their time is concerned.
3. Since we send students to our sister universities, they shall enjoy the same privileges as the students at these universities.
4. Scholarships may be available depending on the sister university involved.
1. Students who are eligible to travel overseas, who have completed one or more semesters of attendance at our university and who hold a GPA of 2.5 or above are eligible for this exchange.
2. Graduate candidates and recent graduates from the Premedical course of Oriental Medicine are excluded. (For example, graduation candidates of August 2003 cannot apply for the credit recognition overseas classes during the 2003 summer vacation.)
Application Period and Procedure  
1. Application Period: Applications are accepted every May and October and detailed schedules will be announced prior to the period of exchange.
2. How to Apply: Submit application and other required documentation to the Team of International Affairs.
3. Credit Recognition: After completing the overseas classes, submit the transcript to the Team of International Affairs.
Credit Recognition  
Credits earned under this program can be recognized as 3 regular elective credits.
* Matters to be attended to
1. Submitted transcript should be in type or written and the grade will depend on the evaluation of materials studied at the overseas university.
(Certificates of completion will not be recognized).
2. Overseas class hours should exceed 48 hours (5 weeks) in order to be recognized as credits.