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The goal of the Graduate School of Industry & Environment is to produce highly qualified industrial human resources demanded by industries through the education and study of the latest technologies and retraining of basic technology in the application areas and basic theories of technology and engineering that are the foundation of industries.
The school focuses on specialization and professionalization through intensive education and experiments by competent faculties and instructors from various industries, while utilizing high-end and latest technology equipment and labs that are available for the students who enroll in 14 major courses.
Departments and Major Areas  
Department of Spacial Environment
  Spatial Environment Engineering is a general academic discipline that aims to improve the interior and exterior environments that make up the background to human life. In order to realize this, the department cultivates specialties in seven areas; urban design, landscape architecture, architecture, interior architecture, geographical information and remote exploration and intelligent traffic system. These specializations are studied both as individual concepts and through how they relate to each other and the spatial environment as a whole.

Urban Planning/ Landscape Architecture/ Architecture/ Interior Architecture/ Geographical Information/ Remote Search/ Intelligent Traffic System/ Golf Course Design
Department of Environmental Systems Engineering
  This department aims to nurture creative professionals, equipped with the necessary knowledge required by our globalized, information oriented society. Students acquire the professional knowledge needed for the construction and operation of national and social overhead facilities.
The department also focuses on questions of public interest and economical efficiency posed by civil, and environmental engineering. The department highlights the importance of environmental preservation, and continual development, as well as the improvement in quality of life through the creation of pleasant, safe and convenient interior spaces.
At a time when buildings are becoming bigger, more varied, automated and environmentally friendly; the department aims to develop students¡¯ professional learning and research capabilities in the architectural facilities field. The environmental chemical engineering course aims to encourage professional chemists who are able to go on and solve the environmental problems that hinder quality of life and industrial development.

Architectural Facilities Engineering/ Civil and Environmental Engineering/ Environmental Chemical Engineering
Department of Industry & Food Engineering
  The Technology Engineering major cultivates the abilities required to systematically plan, design, analyze and operate the entire technological system of human and mechanical facilities, source materials, information and energy and to maximize general productivity. The Quality Management major aims to improve the level of competition in the fields of product and service quality, civil engineering, government organizations and the software and venture industries through the development of quality management techniques to satisfy and impress consumers.
The food engineering major focuses on education and cutting edge research into the development of food materials and technologies that aims to improve human health.
The Hospitality Industry aims to nurture professionals with a high knowledge required in the fields of environmental change, industry products, business issues, and service strategies.

Techno Business Management Engineering/ Quality Management/ Food Engineering/ Hospitality Industry