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  The mission of the School of Arts is to educate students in theories and practical skills for the fine arts (oriental painting, western painting, sculpture), design (visual, industrial, and fashion), music (voice, musical instruments, composition), gymnastics, Taekwondo, and acting and directing courses so that they can contribute to the development of the country and the local community as talented artists demanded by society. The school is committed to helping students to become leaders of the future by learning practical skills based on their artistic and athletic senses, in addition to the theories, philosophical and social knowledge, and IT technology. The school also hosts---and offers students opportunities to participate in---various academic and art competitions and contests so that they can build international competitiveness with future-oriented ideas, advance the level of Korean arts and sports, and spearhead the creation of new cultures.
Fine arts & Sculpture  
Introduction to the Major
Fine arts & sculpture is a major course that aims to produce well-rounded artists who can contribute to the cultural society of the future by proactively cultivating their individual uniqueness and creativity through the studies of various theories and practices that correspond with 21st century art education. Internally, students will acquire the wisdom to improve quality of life by exploring and discovering new principles informative arts through in-depth creative activities, and externally, they will learn to create a new horizon in the Korean art community and take a leading role in the trend of the world's arts.
Job Placement
Creative activities (artist) / junior or senior high school teacher / professor / curator / art reporter for newspaper or magazine / environmental mural production / displayer / private art academy
3-D Computer Arts 1, 2 / Oriental Painting Work1,2 / Painting&Sculpture Basics / Drawing1,2 / Digital photo1,2 / History of Korean Art / Object & Space / History of Western Art / Su Mook Drawing1,2 / Fine art work 1,2 / Sculpture work 1,2 / Form and space workshop1,2 / Computer Art / History of Oriental Art / Space and structure design / Print making / Critical Issues / Modern fine art work 1,2 / sculpture studio1,2 / Concept workshop1,2 / Media Art 1,2 / Theory Modern Art / Digital Print / Techniques of Materials / Art appreciation and art Criticism / Theory of Modern Sculpture / Installation / Master Class / Modern art work shop 1,2 / Special Workshop and Seminar1,2 / Current Issue 1,2 / Public art research / Concept drawing1,2