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  The College of Humanities produces competent future leaders for the globalization era who develop a deep understanding of other countries by learning their languages and literature. Each department in the college is subdivided into different major courses. The Literature Studies major focuses on the history of literature, literary theory, literary genres and creative writing while the Language Studies major focuses on conversation, writing and reading comprehension. The Language Studies major also places particular emphasis on the perfection of practical conversation skills and offers native language classes and small study groups.
Department of European Language and Literature  
Introduction to the Major
The German language and literature major course produces talented human resources who can carry out tasks such as interpretation, translation, consulting, and joint research in German, with a deep understanding of humanity, society, and scholarship. The educational goal of this course is to produce talented German experts who understand the German language, culture, and thoughts, and are capable of dynamically responding to international issues and environments with a broad perspective.
The French language is spoken in around 20 countries throughout the world including France, Belgium, parts of Switzerland and parts of Canada and Africa. It is also an international language used in the Middle East as well as Central and South America.
The French language and literature major course aims to help students cultivate a humane and philosophical grounding and to develop rational thinking abilities through the study of French language, culture and literature. A deep understanding of France and French literature will also help students find their identity as Koreans while developing their worldview as well.
Job Placement
Writer/simultaneous translator/tour guide/ radio & TV writer/ copywriter/ producer/ diplomat/ literature translator/ professional editor/ event planner/ literature critic/ journalist/ business management consultant/ flight attendants/ airline companies/ postgraduate studies/ trading companies/ foreign companies / embassy

German Languages & Literature Major
Easy Everyday German - The Basics 1 / Easy Everyday German - The Basics 2 / German Grammar 1,2 / Literature and Film / Translation of German Text1,2 / European Culture and Art / Lexical Meaning and Usage / Understanding of German Poetry / Study of German Literary Classics / Practical German 1,2 / German Literary and Authors / German Social and Culture / Introduction to German Linguistics / Understanding of Language and Communication / History of German Literature / German Drama / Practice in German / Intermediate German Conversation / Advanced German Conversation / Analysis and Application of Advertising Language / Readings in German Fairy Tales / Introduction to German and French Literature

French Languages & Literature Major
French Society and Culture / Daily French 1,2 / Intermediate French 1,2 / Elementary French 1,2 / French Listening and Speaking Exercises 1,2 / Advanced French conversation 1,2 / A Walk Of French Literature / French Short Stories / Introduction To French Literature 1,2 / French Communication / French Study Utilizing French Materials
Selected Reading Of French Literature / History of French Literature / French Popular Literature and Arts Culture / Readings in General Text / Introduction to French Linguistics / Thematic Studies in French Literature / Francophone Culture / Business French / French Regional Culture / French Translation Exercises / European Culture and Art / Introduction to German and French Literature