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  The College of BioNano Technology aims to help students develop practical research ability so that they can become intellectual assets for mankind. Students will also build professional knowledge so that they can spearhead the technological revolution in the food, medicine, environment, materials, electric electronics, and energy fields for future society by putting their knowledge of nanotechnology in biology, chemistry, bio, life science, food biotechnology, and nutritional science into practice.
The department offers an inter-discipline curriculum by integrating nanophysics, nanochemical, bionano technology, life science, food biotechnology and nutritional science to produce creative and versatile scientists and technicians who can serve as the foundation of industries and scientific technology, and have expertise in the latest future sciences.
In order to produce the highest-class professional human resources in the composite science fields built on the fusion of nano and bio technologies, the department offers lectures on theories and efficient experiment practices. The department also aims to produce the highest-class professionals through a research-oriented education system built on collaboration with industries, academia, and research organizations including prestigious domestic research institutions.
Department of Nano Chemistry  
Introduction to the Major
Chemistry is a fundamental science concerned with the unique properties and structures of matter, and all natural science disciplines that concern matter are constrained by chemistry. New substances developed through the new creation process such as new materials, medicines, and energy are directly connected to the welfare of human kind.
Students who enroll in the department of nanochemistry build practical experiment skills through basic experiments beginning in the freshman year, and move on to develop hard skills such as organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry and analytical chemistry.
Job Placement
Chemists / chemical manufacturer / chemistry-related research institute / pharmaceutical company / petro chemistry company / optic company / electro electronics company / food environment company
Chemistry & Lab. 1,2 / Mathematics for Chemistry 1,2 / Analytical Chemistry 1,2 / Organic Chemistry 1,2 / Experiments of Analytical Chemistry 1,2 / Experiments of Organic Chemistry 1,2 / Physical Chemistry 1,2,3 / Instrumental Analysis / Organic Spectroscopy / Fundamentals of Biochemistry / Experiments of Physical Chemistry / Inorganic Chemistry 1,2 / Experimental Biochemistry / Experiments of Inorganic Chemistry / Metabolic Biochemistry / Industrial Practical Training / Chemical Kinetics / Molecular Biochemistry / Nanospectroscopy / Quantum Chemistry / Nanomaterial Chemistry / Surface Nanochemistry: An Introduction / Introduction to Surface Analytical Chemistry / Nanochemistry / Advanced Organic Chemistry / Applied Biochemistry / Macromolecular Chemistry