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  The College of BioNano Technology aims to help students develop practical research ability so that they can become intellectual assets for mankind. Students will also build professional knowledge so that they can spearhead the technological revolution in the food, medicine, environment, materials, electric electronics, and energy fields for future society by putting their knowledge of nanotechnology in biology, chemistry, bio, life science, food biotechnology, and nutritional science into practice.
The department offers an inter-discipline curriculum by integrating nanophysics, nanochemical, bionano technology, life science, food biotechnology and nutritional science to produce creative and versatile scientists and technicians who can serve as the foundation of industries and scientific technology, and have expertise in the latest future sciences.
In order to produce the highest-class professional human resources in the composite science fields built on the fusion of nano and bio technologies, the department offers lectures on theories and efficient experiment practices. The department also aims to produce the highest-class professionals through a research-oriented education system built on collaboration with industries, academia, and research organizations including prestigious domestic research institutions.
Department of Food Science and Biotechnology  
Introduction to the Major
The Department of Food Nutrition and Biotechnology is a state-of-the-art engineering institution that offers education that combines process engineering and biotechnology. Students who enroll in this program will learn how to use organisms to produce or process food and medicines that are necessary to support life and enhance health for mankind. The department aims to foster innovative future-oriented professionals who can develop processes for food science and biotechnology, develop and explore bioactive materials and genes by using biotechnology, and contribute to the promotion of health for mankind and industrial development for the country.
Job Placement
Food-related industry / pharmaceutical company / biotechnology-related research institute or company / medicine and healthcare-related government job / restaurant business / certified engineers (engineer bioprocess, engineer food processing, hygienist, engineer environmental)
Food Material Science / Introduction to Food and Bioprocesses / Introductory Statistics / Food Physics / General Microbiology / Bioorganic Chemistry / Food Engineering 1,2 / Food Chemistry 1,2 / Food Microbiology / Food Biochemistry 1,2 / Molecular Genetics / Food Engineering Practice & Experiments / Food Processing 1,2 / Experiments in Food Microbiology / Experiments in Food Microbiology / Food Preservation and Distribution Technology / Food and Immunology / Experiments in Food Analysis / Experiments in Food Hygiene / Enzyme Technology / Food Hygiene / Genetic Engineering / Cereal Science and Technology / Food and Bioproduct Packaging Technology / Fermentation Technology / Experiments in Genetic Engineering / Food Safety Management / Experiments in Food Processing / Functional Foods / Food and Bioseparation Process / Food Manufacturing Design / Physical Properties of Foods