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Office of Student Affairs
- Student Affairs Section
- Scholarship/Welfare Team
- Volunteer Corps
- General Counseling Office
- Infirmary
Office of Admissions
- Admission Team
- Research Center for the Normalization of Public Education
Office of School Administration
- Faculty Support Team
Office of Academic Affairs
- Academic Affair Planning Team
- College Education Advancement Team
- Teaching & Learning Development Team
- Teaching & Learning Support Team
- Curriculum Evaluation and Certification Team
Office of Research (Industry-University Collaboration Group)
- Research Support Team
- Industry-University Collaboration Project Team
- Technology Transfer Center
- Research Ethics Support Center
Office of Planning

- Planning & Budget Team
- Legal Affairs Team

University Evaluation Office -

- University Evaluation Team
- Specialized Project (CK) Team

Office of General Affairs
- General Affairs & Personnel Team
- Accounting & Finance Team
- Purchase Team
- Personal Information Protection Team
Office of External Affairs
- Promotion Section
- External Collaboration Team
- Donation Section
Office of International Affairs
- International Exchange & Partnership Team
Office of Career Counseling
- Employment Support Team
- IPP(Industry Professional Practice) Center
Facility Management Headquartersn
- Facility Management Team
- Disaster Prevention Team

<Medical CAMPUS>
Promotion Section(Medical Campus)
Office of General Affairs
- General Affairs & Management Team
Office of Academic Affairs
- Administration & Academic Affairs Team
- Teaching & Learning Development Team
Office of Student Affairs
- Student Welfare Team
Student Selection Headquarters
Industry-University Collaboration Group (divisional office)
- Industry-University Collaboration Team

Gachon Liberal Arts College
- Department of Integrative Studies (Humanities)
- Communication Center
- Liberal Arts Education Research Center
- Life and Sharing Center
College of Business
* Department of Business Administrationt
  - Business Administration Track
  - Global Business Administration Track

* Department of Finance & Mathematics Office
College of IT
- Department of Software
- Department of Computer Engineering
- Department of Electronic Engineering
- Department of Energy IT
College of Humanities
- Department of Korean Language & Literature
- Department of English Language & Literature
- Department of Oriental Language and Literature
- Department of European Language and Literature
College of Law
- Department of Law
- Department of police science and security studies


College of Bionano Technology
- Department of Food Science & Biotechnology
- Department of Food & Nutrition
- Department of BioNano
- Department of Life Sciences
- Department of Nano-Physics
- Department of Nano Chemistry
College of Engineering
- Department of Urban Planning
- Department of Landscape Architecture
- Department of Interior Architecture
- Department of Architecture
- Department of Architectural Engineering
- Department of Electrical Engineering
- Department of Building Equipment System & Fire Protection Engineering
- Chemical & Biological Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Department of Civil & Environment Engineering
- Department of Industrial Engineering
College of Social Science
- Department of Public Administration
- Department of Media & Communication
- Department of Tourism Management
- Department of Global Economics
- Department of Healthcare Management
- Department of Applied Statistics
- Department of Social Welfare
- Department of Early Childhood Education
College of Art
* School of Art & Design
  - Fineart & Sculpture
  - Department of Design
  - Fashion Design, Dept. of Art and Design

* School of Music
  - Voice Major
  - Instrumental Music
  - Music Composition

* Faculty of physical education
  - Major of physical education
  - Taekwondo
  - Department of Acting Art
College of Korean Medicine
- Premedical course of Oriental Medicine


College of Medicine

- Premedical Course
(Department of Medicine) -

College of Pharmacy

- Department of Pharmacy
College of Nursing
- Department of Nursing

College of Health Science

- Department of Biomedical Engineering
- Department of Dental Hygiene
- Department of Radiological Science
- Department of Physical Therapy
- Department of Emergency Medical Technology
- Department of Exercise Rehabilitation & Welfare

Graduate School of
Business Administraion
Graduate School of Education
Graduate School of Social Policy
Graduate School of Industry & Environment
Graduate School of Professional Therapy
Graduate School of Game

Graduate School
Graduate School of Nursing
Graduate School of Public Health
School of Medicine


Gachon International Language Center

Hawaii Gachon Global Center
Gil Korean Medical Hospital
Central Library 
School of Lifelong Education
Student Residence Hall
Gachon Press
The Regimental Headquarters
Gachon Center for Journalism and Communications
G-OKC(Gachon Open Knowledge Center) -
Communication Center
Volunteer Corps

Central Library
Gil Medical Center Gachon University
Neuroscience Research Institute Gachon University
School of Lifelong Education
Gachon International Language Center
Student Residence Hall