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Top Ten by 2020 – Grow to Become a Prestigious Global University

The educational visions and goals of Gachon University are based upon the founding principles of the university that are designed to realize the educational principles and goals of higher education in Korea.

We establish the goals of education to ensure the enrichment of college education based on the founding principles of Gachon University, which are Caritas, Devotio, and Patriotismus.

Founding Principles Educational Goals Primary Competencies Secondary Competencies
Caritas Intellectuals with eyes to the future Social Competency Global mind, Challenging spirit, Open-mindedness, Good communication
Devotio Doers who share and involve Character Competency Empathy, Commitment to serving others and taking action, Teamwork spirit
Patriotismus Professionals who accept nothing but the best Academic Competency Critical thinking, Critical mind, Creativity, Analytic skill, Problem solving skill

Presentation of a vision for the future where the competencies of all organization members of the university are unified for the maximum synergy effect of integration and to chart together the future of Gachon University, which has left its mark in history as the first university born out of the merger of 4-year course private universities

Presentation of a new paradigm for the establishment of specific action plans and to achieve the development goals of an integrated university, which include “growing into a prestigious global top 10 university by 2020,” all based on the current vision of the university that strives to “produce global leaders with virtuous character.”