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May 23, 2016

Garden of Gachon is Home to the future leaders whose dreams are as big as Whales!

Welcome to the Gachon University website.
Thank you for your interest in the Garden of Gachon (가천·嘉泉, or "beautiful fountain" in English). My name is Lee Gil Ya, and I'm the President of Gachon University, and also the self-proclaimed guardian of the school.

Gachon University is self-proclaimed and officially-acknowledged as the "university with the greatest potential for growth in Korea." It is an ambitious and exuberant university teeming with relentlessly challenging spirits. From the beginning, we've never failed to recreate and reform whenever we identified issues or problems, be they big or small. Fueled by all these efforts to make things better, we have been rejuvenating day by day like spring greens.

Gachon University is a magnet for outstanding high school graduates from around the country with admission applications coming from 1,913 high schools as of 2015, and it has been producing many outstanding academic papers written by young professors. The University has also been the birthplace of countless patents, both applied and registered in Korea and overseas, and has won one a succession of research projects.

Gachon University, located on the outskirts of Seoul, is near Gangnam, Jamsil, Bundang, Pangyo, and Wirye New Town. It is very convenient to use subway and buses since there is a subway station ‘Gachon University Station' and several bus stops just next to the university. Gachon University Station is directly connected to the university and its lecture rooms by an underground passage. Moreover, the highway bus stop that newly opened makes it easy for students who commute from a long distance.

With this advantage of location, Gachon has been carrying out local industrial-educational cooperation with Pangyo Techno Valley in Seongnam City. What is more, the Medical Campus of Gachon University, located near Songdo International Business District (Songdo IBD), is providing the best environment for education with the medical and research infrastructure of Gachon Gil Foundation, which is comprised of Gachon University Gil Hospital, Gachon University Neuroscience Research Institute, Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute, and more. The founding principles of Gachon University is "Caritas, Devotio, Patriotismus," or "Compassion, Devotion, Patriotism" in English. It might sound like a cliché to some of today's young generation, but it is all about producing patriotic citizens who will serve the nation by being compassionate and devoted to reaching out and caring for the disadvantaged people in our society through education.

Only when you are a leader in your endeavors can you offer more and serve those around you and your country better. When I say become a leader, I don't mean to encourage you to beat down others and defeat them. You will be a true leader as long as you love and appreciate what you do.

All my life, I've lived with a commitment comparable to planting a tree on barren land. I've been running forward day and night in two fields: medicine and education. These fields are not businesses in pursuit of wealth or personal profit. They are in the business of nurturing dreams, like planting an apple tree today with a vision of the future a hundred, even a thousand years from now.

The fourth industrial revolution of artificial intelligence that we are experiencing today has brought about a world where there are no fixed correct answers. Now, you can search and find as much knowledge as you want with the help of the Internet. The old and fixed knowledge of the 20th century that used to accept only the best answers is now useless. We are living in a new century where the rules of games can change overnight, and where today's latest technology can become outdated by tomorrow. In this century, you can cope with the upheavals of the times only when you have both an innovative mind and competency.

Gachon University incubates and nurtures challenging leaders who are full of knowledge, thinking skills, adventurous spirits, curiosity, big hearts, and positive energy. We want our students to be the first penguin that jumps into the icy ocean of the Antarctic ahead of all others--- leaders with an invincible spirit that doesn't hesitate in the face of the unknown frozen ocean when all others hang back. It doesn't matter if you fail once in a while. Failure is priceless fertile ground in life. Those who follow only the footsteps of others can never leave their own footsteps.

We still have a long way to go. We are just a step away from being one of the top ten universities in Korea, but we must keep running forward like a rhino until we move beyond Korea and stand tall and strong in the world as a prestigious global educational institute.

I call to you, young men and women, who are;

Regal like a lion,

Brave like a tiger,

Keen like an eagle,

And persevere like a bear!

Come to the Garden of Gachon and grow your youthful dreams!
Shine brilliantly like stars in the night sky!

Lee Gil Ya, M.D.
President of Gachon University