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  Natural Sciences form the basis of both industrial and technological fields, and furthermore, set the foundation of modern civilization.
The College of Natural Sciences therefore tries to achieve research-based results that contribute to the development of the human intellect. The college also aims to nurture technology professionals with both creative and scientific knowledge in the fields of industry, science and technology.
Dept. of Chemistry  
Introduction to the Major
Chemistry is a basic science that explains the structure and characteristics of materials and forms the basis of all natural sciences that deal with these materials. Chemistry is also responsible for the development of new materials, such as new matter, new medicine and new energy, which have directly improved human welfare..
The Department of Chemistry encourages students to take part in basic experimentations from their freshman year. During the sophomore, junior and senior years, students gain significant knowledge in the fields of organic chemistry, physical chemistry, bio-chemistry, non-organic chemistry and analytical chemistry.
Job Placement
Chemist /Chemical manufacturer /Institute related to chemistry /Pharmaceutical company / Petrochemical company /Optics company /Electronics company /Food and environment company
Analysis Chemistry /Organic Chemistry /Analysis Chemistry Experiment /Organic Chemistry Practice /Physical Chemistry /Chemical Mathematics /Inorganic Chemistry /Inorganic Chemistry Experiment /Physical Chemistry Experiment /Machine Analysis /Biochemistry /Organic Qualitative /Complex Chemistry /Surface Chemistry /Inorganic Industrial Chemistry /Bio-polymer Chemistry /Physics and Organic Chemistry /Theory of Chemical Reaction Velocity /Physics and Chemistry Exercise /Chemical Philology /Topics in Inorganic Chemistry /Quantum Chemistry /Organic Optical Chemistry