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Basic Direction of Development Goals
"The competitiveness of a university is the competitiveness of its students. At the same time, the competitiveness of individual students is the best way to build the competitiveness of a university. The future is bright for Gachon University gradtuates when the competitiveness of the university and the competitiveness of students interconvert with each other continuously and organically."
We present the basic directions as follows to maximize the synergy effect of university integration and to achieve our goals for development.
Advancing the quality of student education to the international-class level and taking a leap of growth to become a prestigious global university
Selection and commitment to investment in the areas of specialization (G2N3+GL) to take a leap of growth and become a prestigious university that serves as the driving force for the development of college education
Economical operation and management of projects by building a quantitative evaluation system and conative university management system to respond to the changing educational environment of Korea and the world as a whole
Presentation and prioritization of practical and organic tasks and projects to realize the vision of a "prestigious global university"
Establishment of a permanent organization to carry out and evaluate projects concretely and continuously
Establishment of specialized development strategies to boost the reputation of Gachon University and concentrate on supporting resources to realize them
G2(Global Top 2): Promote and support two academic areas whose education and research competency has the potential to grow into international-class level
N3(National Top 3): Promote and support three academic areas whose education, research capacity, students, preference, and social reputation have the potential to become more competitive than other universities in Korea
GL(Global Leader): Production of global leaders with virtuous character
Main Details

2020 TOP 10 - Grow into a prestigious global university
Production of the highest-class talents in specialized academic areas
Strategic Direction

G2N3+GL Specialization Strategies
Explore developmental strategies in the essential driving force areas that will take a leading role in growing into a prestigious university
Practice Direction

Maximize the synergy effect of the integration between Gachon University and Medical Campus
Intensive specialization of the world's highest level pioneering areas (G2)
Bottom-up style promotion of fusion research fields in pursuit of becoming the highest-class in Korea (N3)
Production of the next-generation leaders (GL)
Execution Stages of Vision and the Developmental Goals
Clear designation of areas to be specialized in each campus and their priority strategies, and establish a clear critical performance index (CPI) to achieve the developmental goals of an integrated Gachon University (Top 10 by 2020 -- growing into a prestigious global college)
To support this endeavor, a critical performance index (CPI) is established per each stage while taking the level of seven private universities in Korea into consideration, and create and operate a performance evaluation system to systematically manage it.
Additionally, a comprehensive Total Quality Management System is established to build the competency of faculties and students, as well as a monitoring system to continuously improve the brand value of the university.
Execution Plans by the Stage
Vision Production of global leaders with virtuous character
Developmental Goal Top 10 by 2020 - Growing into a prestigious global university
Goals by the Stage Short Term(~2013) Mid-Term(~2017) Long-Term(~2020)
Establishment of school competitiveness and expansion of the foundation for the vision (Korea's Top 30) Solidifying the ground as Korea's leading university (Korea's Top 20) Solidifying the ground as the prestigious global university (Korea's Top 10)
Main Strategies Reinforcing the Governance of an Integrated University Consumer-centric Education System Renovation World-class Research System Renovation Building the Global Competency of the University University's Administrative System Renovation
Specialized Areas G2N3 + GL <- Global Campus + Medical Campus
'Gachon Vision 2020+' Vision and Strategy
Vision Realization of Compassion, Devotion, and Patriotism through the Excellence of Education and Research
Goal University with World-class Higher Education
Strategy 1. Specialization Strategy 2. Fusion & Convergence Strategy 3. Globalization Strategy
Strategic Tasks 1. Innovative Renovation of the Education System 4. Optimal Service for Consumers
2. Secure the Most Outstanding Faculties 5. Strengthen the Great Gachon Governance
3. Secure the Supremacy of Research 6. Education & Research Infrastructure Renovation